MPA Events & Activities

Our very successful 2021 Spring Fundraiser closed on May 15.

We crushed our $1,000 goal and raised a total of $1,465!

Thank you to all who donated!

Take-out for Minuteman!

This new fundraising program is a win for everyone. You get to take a night off from cooking while raising scholarship money for Minuteman seniors and supporting local restaurants!

We are working with restaurants in various areas to make it as easy as possible for Minuteman families to participate.

Please also help us spread with word! You can share the information below with friends, family, and in local Facebook groups!

Past Events:

Stay tuned to future events!

Thank you to everyone who participated in Spring 2021.

You helped us raise $650!

Please contact Courtney Zwirn with any questions,

MPA Sponsors High-5 Fridays for Minuteman teachers and staff!

Want to salute a special teacher or MM team member? Let us know on our FB page or send an email to We know how hard MM teachers and staff are working to make hybrid a success - High-5 is a great way to celebrate their efforts!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Battlegreen Run! It was a great success!!